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About Us

2012 - The Beginning

Two children who take care of each of their unwell parent, they want to provide them with good and healthy food. They heard about a healthy food called Chia Seed and they believe that it will have a positive impact for their parent. However at that time, Chia Seed is not available in Indonesia. The only way they can have is it to ask for assistance from their relatives and friends that went abroad. Believe that Chia Seed will benefited many people in Indonesia, they want to make Chia Seed available in Indonesia.

2013 - Quinoa

Due to increasing popularity & demand for healthy food, Natures Energy make Quinoa available in Indonesia

2014 – Maca Powder & Maqui Berry

After successfully make Chia Seed & Quinoa available in Indonesia, NaturesEnergy add two more healthy food choices available in Indonesia NaturesEnergy introduce Macqui Berry & Maca

2016 – Strategic Collaboration

To ease customer in getting NaturesEnergy healthy food, Natures Energy collaborate with modern trade Retailer

Natures Energy Today

As the leading organic & healthy food brand, Natures Energy will never stop trying to help people in Indonesia to live healthier