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By accessing or using website, users are deemed to have understood and agreed to all the contents in the terms and conditions below. Terms and conditions may be changed or updated at any time without prior notice. Change of terms and conditions will be effective immediately after included in the website. If users objected to the terms and conditions that we propose in this Agreement, then we recommend not to use this site.

The seller in this case is PT Indonesia Aaron Muir website owner
Customers are parties to purchase the product on the website


  1. Customers are required to conduct registeration or login first to
  2. After customers register or log in, please complete the order information: full name, phone number, email address, shipping address, etc.. Fill out the information as complete, incomplete information will result in delays and mis-delivery of purchased goods.
  3. Once the customer completes the required information, customers can begin to make purchases on the website
  4. Once the purchase is completed, the customer must make the check out and make payment online payment method which has been provided on the website
  5. Customers are required to agree to the terms and conditions of the transaction payment online before making a payment confirmation.
  6. Payment transaction has been successfully performed, the customer will receive an email as proof of payment and proof of payment the customer shall store the


  1. We always try to include the latest prices. However, to assure the final price, please email to Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
  2. Prices do not include shipping costs, and shipping costs are borne by the customer. Delivery will be by courier service tailored to the rates imposed by the expedition based on the area of ​​destination, type of service, and the weight of the package to be delivered.
  3. To purchase online through shopping cart, order and shipment will be processed after payment is received and the buyer receives a confirmation email. Transmission time adapted to the local service area of ​​destination. Delivery will be done using the expedition as determined by the seller.
  4. If the customer wants to use the services of a particular expedition, please inform the seller by email to to mention Expedition Name, Address and Telephone Number Branch representative in Jakarta. However, guaranteed delivery to destination entirely on the side of the customer and if there is excess shipping charges will be borne by the customer.
  5. Every purchase made ​​by the customer will be charged a booking fee per transaction and the mechanism governed entirely by
  6. If the item purchased was not available and the customer has made payment for the items to be purchased, the seller will refund the payment made ​​by the customer.
  7. Cancellation of purchases made ​​by the customer, can only be done if the goods have not been delivered by sending an email to
  8. Items that have been shipped can not be returned or exchanged for other goods, unless there is a prior agreement.
  9. All efforts have been made ​​to assure maximum accuracy of all information contained.  PT Aaron Muir Indonesia does not guarantee with respect to the accuracy of the data, including product and editorial.

Purchases made ​​by customers in on Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) and purchase accepted until 13:00; delivery of goods will be done on the same day. For purchase transactions received after 13.00, delivery will be made on the next business day.
For purchases made ​​by customers on Saturday - Sunday or holiday, delivery goods will be made on the next working day or working days in which the shipping company is back in operational.

All payments on the purchase of goods by the customer on, will be conducted online using a choice of payment system Visa / Master / DOKU Wallet / ATM Channel (ATM Virtual Account) and all transactions will be processed in the currency Indonesian Rupiah.
We ensure the process of your payment safely with the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) SSL which provides full security of each customer and the freedom to shop online without worrying about the possible theft of credit card information

To improve services, we provide warranties on products purchased by the customer.
Warranty applies to the following conditions:

  1. The product is Nature's Energy's product and is still in its packaging.
  2. The product packaging is damaged in the shipping process.
  3. Product at the time of handover of freight forwarders has expired or is damaged.

Submit photos of the product according to any of the above conditions along with a complaint to


  1. The product is not in Nature's Energy packaging.
  2. Product is not a product of Nature's Energy.
  3. The product is not stored on the appropriate storage place such as: exposed to heat, sun bronzed, exposed to liquid or due to negligence of the customer.



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